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If you have any queries apart from what are listed below, feel free to contact us any time.

Site down alert provides the services for monitoring your servers, websites or any services

You can check our Plans, services and pricing details on this page

If you want to monitor your server than YES you have to install client on your server. If you wish just to monitor your website or any service’s, than you don't need to install any software/service on your site/server.

You can simply email to info {@} sitedownalert.com or you can use our contact form.

Yes you can monitor all websites/domains, servers and services under common account. You get cool dashboard which shows all services on common page.

Our software checks for server response code from your host, if it finds response code 200, 302,301, 401,403 then your host name is considered up.

After generating summary it is kept for 2 months and the statistics of the premium account is kept for the life of the account.

Yes, we do accept payments via PayPal and credit card.

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